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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring customers closer to their purchases by combining ethical fashion with cultural education and immersive visual storytelling. Our approach is based on... 


Authentic Relationships

We travel the globe to establish authentic and MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS & MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIPS with inspirational artisans around the world with stories to tell, perspectives to share, and handcrafted goods to sell. We pledge to treat all of our partners with mutual respect. 



We select HANDCRAFTED, ETHICALLY SOURCED GOODS with cultural significance and longstanding techniques from across the globe. We aim to be completely transparent about the impact of our supply chain on the communities that we are sourcing from and selling in, and always make decisions to best support those communities. 

Ethical Sourcing


Social Change + local causes

While ethical sourcing and fair trade are global issues that we are tackling directly, there are many other big picture challenges local communities are overcoming. We believe education, awareness and partnership is critical to achieving social change, so we partner to share LOCAL CAUSES & SUPPORT INITIATIVES to empower anyone and everyone to make a difference. 

Our Partners

We partner directly with local artisans, makers and cooperatives from weaving to sewing to leather work. Our partners, left to right, include Teixchel in San Pedro, Casa Flor Ixaco in San Juan la Laguna, and Friendship Bridge in Panajachel.


"Casa Flor Ixcaco houses 22 families dedicated to the production and commercialization of handcrafted items created in the most natural way possible."

"At TEIXCHEL we do not only weave because it sustains us economically, but we weave because it is our culture."

"Friendship Bridge’s Artisan Market Access Program provides artisans with trainings designed to ready them to access new markets – in particular, the global market."