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Our Team

Co-founders Annie & Mary Kate met on the bus to kindergarten, and the rest is history. Growing up, crafting was central to their friendship - joining crochet & embroidery clubs, enrolling in sewing classes, and loving everything about making something by hand. In 2017, they visited Guatemala for the first time and were inspired by all the unique products, empowered women, and rich tradition, and wanted to share this with the world. In pursuit of a team, they fortuitously connected with Ali whose passion for travel, art and storytelling jumpstarted the project into reality.

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Annie Garofalo

Co-founder + Business Development Lead

I am excited by developing meaningful & impactful relationships and collaborations to make the world a more positive place. I'm hoping that I can find even more of this in life through travel & entrepreneurship!

I'm passionate about supporting people to achieve their full potential, from artisan partners to non-profit partners to friends and family. I'm always excited to connect with someone new, so shoot me an email!


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Mary Kate Vietze

Co-founder + Fashion Lead

I’ve worked in different sectors of the fashion industry from buying to styling and understand the lifecycle of a product. I have a love for textiles and interesting design and am continually amazed at the artisans intricate work.

I'm passionate about showing the world the work of our artisans and bringing these unique products to customer's homes and wardrobes!



Ali Campbell

Creative Director

I am a photographer, videographer, designer and person. I love to travel, and to share visual stories about the incredible people and places I'm lucky enough to encounter. 

I'm passionate about partnering with artisans across the globe and using photography and film to showcase their amazing skills and craft. 

IG: @isoscelesclambake •  LinkedIn • Portfolio

Contact Us

Please contact us at if you're interested in partnering, being featured on our blog, or to say hello! We'd love to hear from you!

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